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Selected Works

Legendary Locals of Tempe

Tempe started collaboratively and its innovative citizens continue to work together, creatively solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities in its land-locked 40 square-miles surrounded by Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and Guadalupe. The vision began with freighter Charles Trumbull Hayden working with Mexican settlers to optimize the productivity of the valley south of the Salt River with his ferry, canal building, and milling activities in 1870, and continued with the 1885 founding of the Territorial Normal School, now Arizona State University. Subsequently, Tempe has stayed successful from both individual innovations, like creating the first man-made wave pool in the U.S., and city-led initiatives like the development of Tempe Town Lake which reinvigorated the shore line of a river bottom frequently left dry since the implementation of a dam system.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is an institution on the move. Not only has it grown in size and enrollment exponentially over the past few decades, it has been the site of major research across multiple fields of study. In fact, in 2009, the university exceeded $300 million in research expenditures. It is no wonder that the institution has gained notoriety on a national—and even global—scale. But, how did it get there? How did it grow from a single building in the middle of a 20-acre cow pasture, to the grand institution that it is today, stretching across four campuses and boasting over 70,000 students?

A Rigorous Quasi-Experimental Design to Evaluate the Causal Effect of a Mandatory Divorce Education Program

A review of the research designs, methods, and results of divorce education programs and the results of a particular, more rigorous study showing fathers' attendance in the program accounts for the results.

There and Back Again: Learning from the History of a Freshman Seminar Sequence

A look at the foundations of Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University and it its signature course sequence "The Human Event."

On Bart's Choice

Reflection on suicide and resilience after loss.

A Spiritual Death? The One-Eyed Doe Rises

On ostracism from religion and family, and on the seeds of recovery.

My Morning with a Tree

Pruning a tree reflect the growth and struggles of life and letting go.

What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe: A Sketch

Author reports on her parent's experience in the religion, clarifying myths and misunderstandings.

Lessons in Sharing / Natural Forces

Flashbulb memories of two challenging moments.

Coping with Stress…The Superhero Way

A thoughtful, fun guide to living and coping with the SuperStresses we face.

How to Win Friends and Influence Votes: Tips and Tricks for Winning Survivor

"Survivor has proven to be one of the most popular shows to ever hit television screens. What has this pop culture phenomenon shown us – by placing a few hundred people on islands around the world — about the psychological make-up of the average American?"

More than Entertainment: Notes on a Spiritual Recovery and What Jossverse Gave Me that Religion and Therapy Didn’t

The healing power of the Whedonverse shows as it helps transform a normal person from a victim to a surviving “superhero.”

A Mother’s Love  / A Father’s Love

Two “flashbulb” memories of double-edged attempts at easing the pain of divorce.

My Sister and Extreme Health

Two sisters' interior landscapes of hope and pain are revealed in this simultaneously "in the moment" and "retrospective" look at one sister's unusual journey through a maze of critical events and rare health crises.

Swan Song

Family secrets and tender appreciations surface at the party of a young man departing life too soon.

Effects of the Dads For Life Intervention on Interparental Conflict and Co-parenting in the Two Years After Divorce

A co-authored work on a program in which I played key roles in designing, scripting, testing, evaluating, and disseminating.

A Critical Review of Harvard’s Project Zero

An in-depth review of the wealth of Harvard’s Project Zero’s uncovers surprisingly “non-academic” patterns.

Three Keys to Making Better Decisions More Easily

A well-received keynote lecture that makes decision-making less stressful and more successful.