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More than Entertainment: Notes on a Spiritual Recovery and What Jossverse Gave Me that Religion and Therapy Didn’t

“Whedon fans are by nature attracted to strong, daring characters. A diehard fan myself, I have an unwavering admiration for those whose readiness to take a stand against evil is greater than their instinct to cower. As I read of Stephanie R. deLusé’s face-off with her own intimate demons, of the brave sacrifices she made to save herself from a cult of emotional vampires, I became her fan, too. With shameless vulnerability, deLusé reveals her deep reflections upon the Jossverse as a self-healing crucible. How she learned to extract power form the psychic pain she might otherwise have kept buried away, and how similar reflection might confer power to any viewer, makes her tale as universally significant as it is moving.”

–Joy Davidson, PhD

To read my chapter/essay, click on the link. To buy the whole book (about such a diversely interesting person!), see the link to the left.