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Coping with Stress…The Superhero Way

“Part of the appeal of superheroes is that through them we can live out our dreams and fantasies. But the life of a superhero is fraught with stress: Saving the city (or planet) from the nefarious plots of evil-doers and the hassles of daily life, such as finding a convenient spot to change into the superhero costume, or juggling being the host of a charity fundraiser while simultaneously taking out the bad guys who crash the event. Like superheroes, we humans are also confronted with stress. As deLusé points out in her essay, we can learn from the superheroes how to cope effectively with stress. From the backdrop of one night’s main event, the author weaves together music, memories, and people to explore complex family and religious dynamics. Family secrets and tender appreciations surface at the “bon voyage” party of a young man departing life too soon.”

–Robin S. Rosenberg, PhD

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