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Legendary Locals of Tempe

Tempe started collaboratively and its innovative citizens continue to work together, creatively solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities in its land-locked 40 square-miles surrounded by Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and Guadalupe. The vision began with freighter Charles Trumbull Hayden working with Mexican settlers to optimize the productivity of the valley south of the Salt River with his ferry, canal building, and milling activities in 1870, and continued with the 1885 founding of the Territorial Normal School, now Arizona State University. Subsequently, Tempe has stayed successful from both individual innovations, like creating the first man-made wave pool in the U.S., and city-led initiatives like the development of Tempe Town Lake which reinvigorated the shore line of a river bottom frequently left dry since the implementation of a dam system.

The photographs in this book come from a community that cares about remembering its humble roots and celebrating its proud achievements through honoring some sung and unsung local heroes who helped make Tempe the textured and vibrant place that it continues to be. Stephanie deLusé, a Phoenix native and long-time Tempe resident, also co-authored Arizona State University, an institution from which she graduated and where she is an award-winning teacher in Barrett, the Honors College.

"Anyone who loves Arizona will love this book. The city of Tempe represents the best of this state, and Dr. deLuse does a wonderful job of bringing its history to life." ~ Kathy Dominguez

"What a contribution to the city of Tempe!" ~ Alex Vogel